Incremental Save

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Incremental Save

Post by arcanux »

I was trying to find a script or action that enabled photoshop to increment save files while saving. The idea is when saving a psd file, the script would save an increment on another folder creating a numbered backup.

I found what seems the perfect script for it, but unfortunately i cant get that to work :(

The script is mPS Incremental Save by Myara -

I´m using photoshop CC 2017

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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Re: Incremental Save

Post by Kukurykus »

It didn't work for you because there is mistake in .vbs file. There is one letter to many. When you compare it with .js file you'll see that in .vbs there is additional 'm' letter. When you edit .js file with notepad then you'll see that link to .vbs file is wrote correctly, so without extra letter.

you can download those 2 files once again and remove 'm' letter, and then put into .js file path to your Photoshop or just:

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File(File($.fileName).path + '/mPSIncrementalSave.vbs').execute()
or else follow these insructions:
  • use link I attached to this post to download original original .vbs file with corrected name and .js file with replaced content
  • close Photoshop if opened, and after extracting both files copy them to your Presets / Scripts in your current Ps folder
  • launch Photoshop and go to File / Scripts / Script Event Manager, then Enable Events to Run Scripts / Actions
  • choose 'Save Document' Photoshop Event, check 'Script' and browse to .vbs file, click 'Add' and 'Done' buttons
each time you'll be saving .psd file a script create Backup folder with File subfolder where save a copy of saved file with incremented no. suffix
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