scripting the Import PDF panel

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scripting the Import PDF panel

Post by mattspace »


I'm looking for help with keeping an old CS5 system in production, which is outputting a document that's in maintenance mode. I need to be able to batch script the Import PDF window's settings, to import PDFs and output them as TIFFs. I've tried using Image Processor and Image Processor Pro, and they're not suitable for various reasons. Also tried SIPS and Applescript / Automator, but that's not a viable option either.

What I need to be able to do, is import the pdf, preset to an arbitrary width and height (unconstrained), and all the other settings in the Import PDF window, because importing the PDF at native pixel size antialiased requires 10 seconds of rasterising per page, whereas importing it antialiased at the size I want to output it, it's done in less than a second - fast enough that there isn't time for the Rasterising progres bar window to spawn.

Trying to record an action in Photoshop, I can record the Open, and Save As, and Close steps, but it seems to just stall after opening the first image, and doesn't do the save or close when I try to play it.

Ideally, a solution with an XML file with the parameters I can adjust, like with Image Processor / Pro would be good, but for the moment, even getting an action panel item I can drive from the Batch window would be good.

If anyone knows a solution, or can write one, if there's a price for a service, please let me know - right now I just need to get this sorted.


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Re: scripting the Import PDF panel

Post by Kukurykus »

Probably making short video how it works when you do it manually would explain more...

btw. what is SIPS?