Need a PS script written, will pay

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Need a PS script written, will pay

Postby gles8705 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:58 pm

Hello! I'm needing to setup a 'hotfolder' where employees can drop photoshop documents, and a script that will automatically execute and run automations. Right now, the automations are working, but we have to manually start them and move created files around manually. I'd like the process to be as hand's off as possible:

1. Someone uploads a .psd into a hotfolder
2. Dynamic Script executes automations when that .psd file is added.
3. The images created from the above automations are then uploaded to an S3 server via FTP (or whatever will work)
4. The original .psd is archived into a local folder.

I'd love to talk to someone about getting this done asap. Please send me a private message and I can talk in more detail about it.
Thanks so much!

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