script for creating spiderweb-like shapes

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script for creating spiderweb-like shapes

Postby pfaffenbichler » Mon May 24, 2010 9:53 am

I’ve been tinkering with a Script that’s intended to create spiderweb-like shapes.
It’d be nice if any of you could give it a try and let me know your opinion, comments on it.


Mike Hale

script for creating spiderweb-like shapes

Postby Mike Hale » Mon May 24, 2010 2:39 pm

First let me say that I am impressed. Working with paths in with a script in Photoshop is not easy and to do so on the fly with user interaction is mind blowing.

Just a couple of minor things, at least for me. It would be nice if there was so info about what the script does and it's requirements somewhere.

It leaves two paths in addition to the ones used as masks. One is named 'removeThisPath...' so I assume it is safe to remove that one. It is not clear to me if the other can be removed or why I would want to keep it.

And at least on WinXP the dialog buttons are too short. Changing the last value in the bounds from 23 to 33 makes them look better on WinXP.


script for creating spiderweb-like shapes

Postby pfaffenbichler » Mon May 24, 2010 4:06 pm


I’ll try to add a somewhat more informative text and correct the bounds-values.

As for the pathItem »removethis…«: I must have overlooked some eventuality because the Script is supposed to rename that if the dialog is OK-ed or otherwise remove it.
The pathItem »spiderweb…« just contains the two sub-paths that are the basis for the solid color layers – I use two layers because otherwise I couldn’t overcome visibility problems between one of the spokes and the spiral. It could just as well be removed, too, after the two layers have been created.
Actually, I guess, one could even create the two layers with the dialog active on every change, but I guess the path suffices as preview and this way may be slightly more economical.

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