Do It Yourself Metadata Input

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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by iTenol » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:19 pm

1st thanks to the creator and maintainer of this site... I've been searching high and low for the script on this thread.

2nd Huge thanks to Paul for taking the time to write this script, especially for non-programmers like myself.

I've not played with the script yet, but want to ask can the script insert metadata into the image based on file name

If so how (sorry no programming experience) so asking for help and willing to pay

I want to be able to simply use this script but have it iterate through all images in a folder and insert metadata based on the name of the file and the 1st column in a CSV file...

For example:

Filename = "Pink Cat On A Mat.psd" (could be a jpg or png)

Script to perform the following actions once all the data columns are paired up

1) read file name
2) lookup CSV to find identical name in 1st column of CSV
3) If found then replace metadata in image file with the metadata from the matching line

Is this possible and can anyone help

Thanks in advance

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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by asacederholm » Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:20 pm

Hi there,

This script has been very useful for me! At my company we use it to add MetaData to images that are then read by the Live Caption function in Indesign to create automatic product image descriptions in our catalogues. It's saving us so much time! Thank you.

This season, we need to add data into the State/Province field, which isn't currently included in the check box list in the DIY MetaData window. I took a scripting course recently for another reason, so I took the liberty to try myself to add this field in. I can get it as far as showing up in the list and sorting list, but have had no luck getting the data to actually apply to the image. I'm sure it's a beginners mistake!

I would be forever grateful to anyone who could offer me some help in sorting this out. I have attached my modified script here for reference.


DIY Metadata
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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by Morphart » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:08 pm


I have been trying.. and trying for weeks now to make this work, I need help :(...

I was very happy to find your script as I need to process over 30000 .tif image.

I have the data (19000 for now) in a CSV.

I have made a successful import and it stopped after 500 entries.

Now I tried to do 500 files in a folder and small 292 entries .txt files and nothing happens after 40 different tries. The only thing I get in the .TXT file is:
Processing :: \\nasf82991\Stock Video 4k - 5\70000\500-Batch7\Batch2-262-Images-Test.txt Total Files = 262
Processing :: C:\Users\Utilisateur\Desktop\70 000 images\Batch1-to-18-WorkFile.txt Total Files = 19097

I use Description-Keyword1-Creator-CopyrightNotice-Country-City, tick Text tab delimited and Copyright all files. I have no heading.

I tried with txt file in same folder as the images and different folder. Nothing happens anymore :(. It would be ok for me even if it only process 500 per times I run it, but it just won't work at all anymore now :(

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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by jdx » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:06 am

I am receiving the same 'Processing' message - and no results.

Does anyone have any ideas to make this work?



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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by Morphart » Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:31 pm

No never worked flawlessly for me. Instead i had a Python script developped for me and it works like a charm and use next to no resources at all. I processed mkre than 30000 images this way.thanks!

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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by Labete » Tue May 01, 2018 12:20 am

I can not get this to work. Metadata is in the wrong category, or not added at all when I process. I tried with both a .csv file and a tab delimited file, neither of which is best for me. I think my problem is in the Excel fie saved in the .csv of .txt format. I think I'm missing something here.


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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Post by Labete » Wed May 02, 2018 6:15 pm


I'm using CS5 Bridge, and Microsoft Excel for Mac 16.12 on a MacBook Air running macOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.4.

I have 6,000 scanned analog photos that I want to add Metadata to. The DIY Metadata seemed to be just the thing, however, sadly, it doesn't work.

It puts some metadata in the wrong fields, and other metadata is ignored (not put anywhere). No City, no Country, No Description, or sometimes placed in Sublocation for some files, No Date Created (Did show up in the error log sometimes as not in the right format.

Originally, I changed Job Identifier to State/Provence, which showed up in the Bridge Input Metadata dropdown, and in my photo metadata, but with no data.

Basically it just doesn't work. I'm thinking the "excel" input file is wrong.

First row is headers for metadata data names, first column is full filenames. I processed the script to ignore the headers, and this had no effect. I used tab a delimited file and a csv file, again with no luck.

What's wrong with my input file?

Thanks, any help would be much appreciated!


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