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Re: Do It Yourself Metadata Input

Postby iTenol » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:19 pm

1st thanks to the creator and maintainer of this site... I've been searching high and low for the script on this thread.

2nd Huge thanks to Paul for taking the time to write this script, especially for non-programmers like myself.

I've not played with the script yet, but want to ask can the script insert metadata into the image based on file name

If so how (sorry no programming experience) so asking for help and willing to pay

I want to be able to simply use this script but have it iterate through all images in a folder and insert metadata based on the name of the file and the 1st column in a CSV file...

For example:

Filename = "Pink Cat On A Mat.psd" (could be a jpg or png)

Script to perform the following actions once all the data columns are paired up

1) read file name
2) lookup CSV to find identical name in 1st column of CSV
3) If found then replace metadata in image file with the metadata from the matching line

Is this possible and can anyone help

Thanks in advance

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