Cropping From Selection/Alpha Channel

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Cropping From Selection/Alpha Channel

Post by DavidRamsay » Thu May 10, 2018 9:13 am

Hi All,

Gonna do my best to explain this as clearly as possible and thanks in advance for any assistance.

I have an issue where two clients would like different crops of the same images sent to them periodically throughout the job, one is cropped full frame, the other cropped in.

The files can be pretty huge so in an ideal world I would like a solution that means I only have to open each file once, I have a script/action that does all I need for files that need no cropping, the trouble I am having is automating this second crop. Im pretty sure its very simple but I am having no luck.

I have tried doing it with just an action where I make an alpha channel of the selection for the second crop, In theory I feel this should work but in practice the action seems to fail to record that its the alpha channel from the CURRENT document I would like to use and instead crops based on the selection used to record the action. After a little research I am wondering if I could use layer comps to achieve this too, turning on a solid colour fill border and then trimming.

I know this would be so much better achieved with a script but it is beyond my abilities so I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

What I would like to achieve is:
convert to16 bit
convert to 8 bit
duplicate image
run my script to resize (for full frame crop)
save as and close
crop to alpha channel selection
run my script to resize
Save as and close

Maybe others have a better way of achieving this so I am open to ideas.

Thanks very much

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