Need script for frame animation

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Need script for frame animation

Postby GregoryA » Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:22 pm


Can anyone help me with this, please!

Here what is requared:

I have foders with few images(15). I need a script that would load images as layers and create frame animation, plus add the same animation in reverse.
so object would rotate from right to left and back to right. At the end I need to save the file a *.gif file.

This is what I did :
I found the script "Import Folder as Layers"
I made the action in Photoshop:
1. Run Script- "Import Folder as Layers"
2. Make Group from Layers.
3. Duplicate Group- I renamed it to "Reverse"
4. Reverse layers in this group.
5. Set frame animation, loop forewer, delay 0.2
6. Export - Save for WEB - *.gif

it's not working the way I need it.

Beeng a newbe, I don't know how to write it correctly.
Ideally it should be a droplet.
I would drop a folder with images and should have a *.gif file at the end.

Could you, please correct me, or let me know if this script already exists and I could download it.

Thank you,

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