Paul Riggott's Distribute layers script

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Paul Riggott's Distribute layers script

Postby Sonnetje69 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:01 pm

Dear all,

Back in 2010(!) Paul Riggott posted a script for distributing ojects with a defined spacing in Photoshop. It is precisely the script I am looking for but unfortunately it does not work in Photoshop CS6. Does anyone know if Paul ever made a script like this that will work in Photoshop CS6 or how the script can be added to work in Photoshop CS6?

The post I am referring to is here
As to Paul the script should do this:
To use select all the layers with the objects in Photoshop, and run the script, it will ask for pixel spacing for horizontal and vertical spacing as it will try to space the layers in both directions IE: you can have one row of objects, or a grid of objects.
If the object are too far out of alignment it won't be able to do the spacing and it will let you know.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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