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Export to HTML and layers to images

Postby uli » Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:38 am


I created a script which exports your images to HTML. The HTML contains text layers with real text styled with CSS. PNG-images are created for normal layers and loaded into the HTML using the background-image CSS property.

For me, this is a very useful tool, as among other thing I'm doing web-development. Sometimes I get a PSD file from a designer and need to create a HTML-template and the CSS. The exported HTML helps me to get measurements, positions and font-styles. It also allows me to use some of the exported images directly as background-images (e.g. for decorations which can't be done with HTML).

The intended purpose of the script is not to genereate HTML which can be directly used as a website. Rather it should be used to support you when creating HTML and CSS. I use Firebug to select and read CSS properties from the respective layers. Moreover, the generated output isn't 100% correct.

The script is hosted on google-code, you can download it here:

At the moment I'm working on handling exceptions and providing some options.

Not all font-formatting options are supported at the moment and some can't be implemented at all.

The work is based on

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Re: Export to HTML and layers to images

Postby Jeremy Knudsen » Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:02 am

Very interesting concept! Have you made any progress/updates?
Jeremy Knudsen
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