10 min Autosave but with - Applescript

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10 min Autosave but with - Applescript

Postby kontact » Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:47 am

Hi folks...

I thought I would spread the wealth i've been looking for a script to autosave my work every 10 min so I googled around and came up with sweet FA so I decided to make a small applescript to assist me.

I asked people at macscripter.net to assist with the rest of my code as I couldn't get the dialog box to work correctly.

The result is a small script that will ask you to save your work every 10 min with a dialog box if you select no it will continue to run without saving and repeat the command... yes you guessed it in 10 min.

This will only work for people running OS X 10.2.8 and above hopefully..

Open the script in script editor and make sure your version of PS is correct then "Save As" the script as an executable .app

if you use other apps you can change the code accordingly....

Hope it helps anyone..... let me know if it does.

Nick.. (UK.. OLDHAM)
PS Save.scpt.zip
Photoshop CS autosave applescript
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