About PS-Scripts

PS-Scripts is a community resource site for photoshop scripting and photoshop automation, especially for automation involving code. It has been established by a group of the more active contributors to the Adobe Photoshop User to User forum in response to a need for various functionalities that the latter does not provide. Also some merit is seen in having a place for Photoshop scripters to meet and share ideas which is independent of Adobe itself. Over time we hope this site will develop into a powerful resource for Photoshop users wishing to make the most of the opportunities associated with Photoshop scripting and automation. Everyone is welcome to use this site and to contribute to it's development in a way that meets the needs of photoshop users.

Andrew Hall, May 2005.

PS-Scripts was initially created by:

Andrew Hall, Xbytor, nzmike, MickM, rstucky, Larry Ligon

E-mail: webmaster@ps-scripts.com